About Us

Founded in 2003, EvaStore have grown into an industry leading document management specialist, providing comprehensive solutions which are tailored to suit customers’ individual requirements.

In an industry dominated by large corporate service providers, EvaStore remains an independent family operated business. Focussed on delivering the very high standards that customers would expect from a market leader, whilst maintaining an unrivalled level of personal attention towards our clients.

EvaStore’s document management services ensures complete protection and management of your archives at every stage of their life-cycle. From the initial collection, right through to storage and retrieval, and ending in secure destruction and recycling.

We offer nationwide collection and delivery services, which means you can benefit from the peace of mind of having your important documents managed in our secure facilities, yet rapidly available on request.

EvaStore operate O’Neil software, the industry leading document management software and hardware solution which allows us to effectively and traceably manage your boxes, files and documents. We use O’Neil to manage many aspects of our operations, including scanning barcodes on collection and delivery, picking items within the warehouse, monitoring review dates and the destruction of your boxes and files.