Document scanning has many benefits, including:

Save Time

How many hours per week do you spend looking for documents? Having them scanned and stored electronically will make it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for at a click of a button!

Save Space

Store rooms, filing cabinets, boxes, they all take up valuable space. You could free up all that space if your documents were stored electronically.

Save Money

Time is money, and having an efficient document management service in place, will not only save you and your staff valuable time, but also allow them to use their time more wisely.

Keep Records Safe

Electronic documents can be backed up, encrypted and tracked, whereas if you lose a piece of paper, it’s lost forever!

Be Compliant

Access requests, retention periods, GDPR…. scanning your documents ensures you’re compliant and can find specific files upon request.

Go Green

Once we scan your documents, if you would like us to, we can securely shred them too. All our paper is 100% recycled.