Data Privacy Day is held on the 28th January each year and is an effort to educate and empower people into protecting their privacy and control their digital footprint.

We’ve all read in our local papers or have seen on the news disturbing stories regarding people who have had their identities stolen and abused – running up huge debt fraudulently. It has become vitally important for us to take responsibility for protecting our identities and privacy to prevent fraud; however it is even more vital that we take the same steps to protect the information used by our businesses from being used to perpetrate fraud. Imagine for a moment the costs and damage that could be done to our businesses should we not take all possible steps possible to protect our information, particularly information which pertains to our client base.

EvaStore recognised the importance of protecting information and to that end our custom built document management facility features the very latest in CCTV, access control systems and remotely monitored alarms in order to protect our client’s files and documents which they have entrusted us with.

In addition to providing secure storage we also offer a confidential document shredding service which ensures that our clients’ documents are destroyed completely when they are of no further use and once they have been securely shredded we issue a certificate of destruction for our clients.

Some Key Advice for Protecting Privacy
  • Ensure all paper documents no longer needed are securely shredded and destroyed to prevent the data being reconstructed and abused.
  • Restrict access to sensitive documents to just those who need to use them for day-to-day work
  • Make sure all employees are aware of the dangers of opening suspicious links in emails, tweets, blog posts, online ads and email attachments.
  • Train employees to recognise the implications of not following the company’s privacy procedures and the dangers of taking important documents offsite and into the outside world where they may be lost or misplaced.

Data Privacy Day should be a reminder to us all just how important it is for us to take control and responsibility for protecting our identities, personally information and business information.