*Store Up To 100 Boxes For Just £50+VAT Per Month*

Has your business grown?

Aer you doing well and need more space to expand?

Is that small pile of document boxes now becoming a trip hazard and an expensive waste of office space?

It’s time to move up to off-site document storage, which doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you think this is you, the small business package from EvaStore Ltd is just for you.

Included In This Package:

  • Free collection, barcodes and data entry of the initial intake of boxes
  • A free collection every month of up to 20 new boxes to be added to your storage
  • Free use of viewing room for a maximum of 3 hours per month

How Does Document Management Work?

It’s very simple:

You decide what records are to be stored, pack them in archive boxes, and place a barcode on the box. We will collect them, put a unique barcode on the box and store them, allowing you to enjoy more office space and complete peace of mind.

When you need a box, simply contact us, and it will be dispatched to you for a next day delivery. Remember, we’ll also make your first delivery each month FREE OF CHARGE!


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