Retention Guide for the Health & Social Care Sector

This list is not exhaustive and is intended as a guide only. Please feel free to contact us for further assistance regarding your retention obligations.

  • Admission/Discharge books – 8 years.
  • Child protection registers – 26 years.
  • Clinical audit records – 5 years.
  • Adult Social Care records – 8 years.
  • Dental records – 11 years.
  • Family planning records – 10 years.
  • Health visitor records – 10 years.
  • Learning difficulties – 10 years after death of individual.
  • Oncology – 30 years.
  • Operating theatre registers – 30 years.
  • Out of house records – 3 years.
  • Outpatients list – 2 years.
  • X-Rays – 8 years.

Document Management for Health & Social Care

EvaStore will locate, retrieve, and deliver patient records and sensitive files, thereby eliminating nurses, doctors, receptionists and support-staff time and cost in on-site archive management. Although your information is stored in one of our secure document storage facilities, it is readily available with prompt physical or electronic retrieval.

EvaStore are registered with the ICO for data protection and employees are CRB checked and bound by confidentiality agreements to uphold the security of patient records and research, test or trial data. Operating O’Neil Software, the industry leading barcode management solution, EvaStore track and verify the activity of individual records thereby providing a full audit trail.

EvaStore offer secure and confidential document shredding services & full recycling. This can assist in your compliance with increasingly stringent data protection requirements, by ensuring that confidential information is securely destroyed in accordance with set retention dates.

Your clients’ and your own important files and documents are managed in our modern and secure document storage facilities.

  • EvaStore’s fleet of secure vehicles are satellite-tracked.
  • Operate O’Neil Software, the barcode management solution which allows us to track every activity of your boxes, files, records or documents.
  • Rapid physical or electronic retrieval of your required information.