Scan on Demand

This popular service proves economical and convenient to those companies who wish to retain their physical archived documents, need rapid access, but don’t necessarily have the desire, or the budget, to have all their documentation bulk scanned.

How Scan on Demand works:

  • Your documents are stored in our secure off-site facility.
  • You place requests for file retrievals.
  • Our team will locate and scan the physical files or documents.
  • Items will then be made available digitally within hours of your initial request.
  • Your files or documents will then be returned to the original container or files within our secure document storage facility and an electronic audit trail will be logged.

Your files or documents never leave our facility and we ensure that they are lodged back into their original location, thereby maintaining the integrity of the physical storage. Additionally, as the need to physically deliver items is mitigated, there is a positive reduction in the environmental impact by providing a digital delivery service, over that of traditional road transport.