Bespoke Searches

Ever looked for a needle in a haystack? We have!  EvaStore pride themselves on being able to deliver the best possible retrieval service and we strive to offer prompt turnaround times for customers who request the return of document. This can only be achieved if that documentation has been placed into boxes sent to storage in a controlled manner.

We are always on hand for customers to advise and assist with best practices on how to pack boxes and catalogue their documentation prior to it being stored with us. However sometimes, generally due to the bulk of information, recording everything accurately can seem like a big mountain to climb.

Customers can take advantage of our Cataloguing services should they wish. However, irrespective of who undertakes the cataloguing, even the most accurately recorded information might only be completed to the box or file level, with limited certainty on the precise documents held within boxes or files.

So, in these instances, where there is limited information regarding the documentation in boxes, or maybe the contents are difficult to decipher based on the content information, EvaStore can offer to undertake Bespoke Searches. For an agreed rate we can sift through any number of boxes, files and documents until we locate the particular document that has been requested. We always maintain close contact during the search process; to try and gather any information that might be relevant to the success of the search and full feedback is provided after the search is completed.