In many respects the Document Management services EvaStore provide makes your company records even more accessible as we offer rapid retrieval and return of your boxes, files or documents.  Having invested in industry leading systems means that when you require the return of any items, we can quickly locate and process these ready for secure delivery.

Physical Retrieval

EvaStore uses oneilCloud and RSMobile records management software and hardware, which provides us the ability to rapidly locate, retrieve and return any documents you require. All boxes, files and where necessary documents have unique barcodes assigned to them.  Cross referencing this to our barcoded locations, enables us to always know exactly where your important boxes and documents are at all times and ensures that we are able to return them to you as rapidly as possible when needed.

Once you are finished with the retrieved items, the collection and return to storage with EvaStore can be arranged.  Your boxes, files or documents will be booked back into our system and re-filed back into our secure document storage facility until such time as you may require them again.

Digital Retrieval

As well as being able to physically deliver and retrieve your documents from our storage facility, sometimes the delivery process needs to be expedited, so we offer Scan on Demand, where the documents you require are physically located and scanned.  We then provide you with access either via a secure online portal or in some instances, email the scanned images.  You can then either log in and download or view the files. This is ideal for occasions when you would like to view your documents but don’t require the physical files returned to your premises. Files may also password protected for an additional layer of security.