IT / WEEE Recycling

Once your collection is confirmed, our staff will come to collect your equipment on the agreed date. All of our staff are security vetted and have their own EvaStore uniform and security badge.

Once on-site, our personnel will collect all of your equipment, securely load it on to our own vehicles and return the equipment to our secure warehouse.

Once returned, dependent upon your agreement, an inventory will be carried out of all the equipment collected and these will be logged and saved next to your waste transfer notes and hazardous waste consignment notes.

When being treated all data devices will be removed, logged, securely shredded and certified destroyed. Hard drives have their individual serial numbers logged so that you can be certain of complete destruction and have complete peace of mind.

The equipment will then be segregated and whenever possible, qualified technicians will repair, refurbish and re-use equipment. Equipment that is not suitable for re-use will be sent for material recovery where it will be separated for material or spare parts.

We have a 100% recycle policy.

Upon completion, a complete document pack will be provided.

The document pack will consist of your waste transfer note, hazardous waste consignment note (If required), full inventory, hard drive destruction certificate and recycling certificate. Other documents can be provided dependent upon the agreement.