Document Management Services for a Solicitors Firm

The Brief

Our customer, a local Solicitors firm, has multiple offices across the county and required a system that would give them full traceability of their records, they needed to be able to have fast access to the information and have the closed files collected as soon as possible.

The Solution

We provided the customer with box and file barcodes, these references are unique and are used to track the activity of the items.  The solicitor provides us with a cataloguing spreadsheet every week, containing the information they would like stored on the system, which is then checked and imported onto the O’Neil’s Database. The information is used to the create an itemised list, to be checked upon collection.


Should the solicitor need to locate a file they would login to O’Neil Order type in the unique reference (theirs or our barcode reference), at this point they would add the item into the cart and complete the order.

There are several Solicitor’s firms that use EvaStore for their document storage. For some sensitive documents such as wills or deeds, more secure storage is required. These documents go into the Secure Vault.

Document Management