Evastore 20 Year anniversary

20 years ago we barely knew what document storage entailed.  However, given the opportunity to take on a large warehouse, we set about researching various industry opportunities.  Having determined that there were few independent document storage operators providing high quality, secure storage coupled with top customer service, we decided to venture into the document management market.  EvaStore was born on 2nd October 2003!!

From the outset, we chose the best solutions for our facilities, with bespoke racking for storage, high spec alarm systems and industry leading inventory management software.  Learning on our feet, we grew steadily, focussing on delivering great service to our customers and securing the sensitive information we handle on their behalf.  We’ve continued that same ethos over the past 20 years, improving our solutions and services and developing our systems and facilities, to the point where we are proud to be one of the premium independent document management companies in the region, if not the UK.

Reflecting on 2 decades in business we can only thank all our fantastic customers for helping us achieve all we have.  We’ve succeeded by forging much-valued business relationships and gaining satisfaction from the positive feedback of the service we’ve delivered over the past 20 years.  The trust and loyalty of our customers continuously drives us to improve the services we provide.

EvaStore would also like to express the utmost gratitude to all our staff, past and present, each of whom have been and are dedicated, passionate and invaluable in helping to shape the business and the services since 2003; we really couldn’t have done it without your input!  EvaStore are excited to continue the journey and look forward to many more prosperous years ahead!

Patrick Evans, MD