Records Management & Document Management Services

Records management is of increasing importance to the majority of businesses, both large and small. One of the most important assets which your company possesses are the files and documents which are essential to the successful running of your business, along with any records relating to your client base.

EvaStore specialises in records management, document management and secure document storage, relieving you of the time and cost burdens of managing them in house and allowing you to focus your resources on growing and developing your business.

Records Management Solutions

Modern businesses are facing increasing pressure to maximise efficiency and reduce operating costs. An increasing number of businesses are discovering that outsourcing their records management to off-site storage companies is the ideal solution to reducing the costs of managing their documents in house and also has the benefit of freeing up office space for other uses.

EvaStore offers a nationwide records management solution and fulfils the market need for a specialist document management service which can offer first class off-site storage alongside fast & consistent access to archived records. Our range of solutions include:

EvaStore Records Management

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