There are many advantages to using EvaStore’s secure, modern and convenient document management services. Switching to a professional service can have a considerable impact on day to day business operations:

Free Up Valuable Office Space

Boxes and files stored on your premises can often become an unidentified cost, especially if they are infrequently accessed. By relocating your archiving to EvaStore document storage, the valuable office space that you will gain can be put to more productive use.

Provide a Full Audit Trail

EvaStore are strategic partners of O’Neil Software, the industry-leading barcode archive management system. This enables us to provide a full audit trail for box, file and document activity, from the initial collection right through to the final destruction.

Increase Business Productivity

EvaStore is responsible for locating, retrieving, and delivering your information. This frees up your employees’ time and also saves on the costs incurred by on-site archive management.

Professional Archive Management

Outsourcing document storage can be a more proficient and cost-effective alternative to self-managing your archiving in lock-up units or self-storage facilities. Not only do EvaStore’s systems offer full traceability, but you pay on a ‘per box’ basis and therefore only for the space that you require.

Schedule Document Destruction

You can specify destruction or review dates and we will notify you when your items can be securely destroyed. Following receipt of confirmation to proceed, your boxes and files are picked, prepared and destroyed, and you will be issued with a certificate to keep on record.

Reduce Health and Safety Hazards

Boxes and files stored in your office may represent a major risk to health and safety if they block exits or create hazards. Additionally, if filing is not managed correctly, boxes can be overfilled making it difficult for your employees to handle, lift or retrieve items.

Request Rapid Access

Although your information is stored in one of our modern and secure document storage facilities, it is still easily available. Simply log in to the oneilOrder portal or contact us online, or via email or phone and we will quickly and efficiently provide physical or electronic retrieval.

Disaster Recovery

Managed document storage can be considered to be an active step towards disaster recovery. Risk is reduced by storing your vital company information securely off-site with a specialist document storage company such as EvaStore.